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Family business for three generations always taking care of the highest quality in gold, silver and precious stones.

Alberto´s Jewelry

Alberto´s Jewelry Designs is a jewelry family tradition for almost fifty years, creating unique and original jewelry designs in silver and gold, with precious and semiprecious stones through a process of lost wax.

In Puerto Vallarta, Alberto’s Jewelry Designs has an excellent reputation thanks to the work that its founder, Roberto Ballesteros, has done for many years. His son Jaime and his grandsons Emersson and Edson continue today.

Fall in love with Alberto’s designs at the store located on Lazaro Cardenas 231-A in the Romantic Zone of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

It’s Unique, it’s original, it’s Alberto’s

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Each design in Albertos jewelry is unique, each piece is made in proportion to the stone looking for as long as this is the center of the design.

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Reviews Tripadvisor

Truly beautiful pieces made on site. The stones are exquisite. They are wonderful at sizing rings too...very fast. .
Wearable Art! Albertos is where you can find the most unique, high-quality hand-crafted jewelry in Puerto Vallarta. Alberto’s has been in business for 40 years. They are customer-centric, exceptional artists. If you want the best one-of-a-kind jewelry, made using Mexican stones and metals, go to Albertos.
Jean P
This is located in Puerto Vallarta Mexico. It opened 50 years ago with the grandfather introducing us to beautiful handmade silver jewlery. The father and 2 sons are now following the same, one of a kind pieces. It is high end silver and workmanship. It is a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for. I have over a dozen items purchased over many years and hope to get more on my next trip.
I have purchased pendants and rings from Alberto’s. As they truly are unique pieces crafted on site you won’t see the pieces in a zillion other jewelry stores. They also have resized and repaired jewelry for me too. One of the best in Mexico.
Edson B
Find Alberto's Jewelry Designs just two block down from Basilio Badillo, Lazaro Cardenas street 231-A on Plaza Romy just next to Carols boutique and one block from parque Lazaro Cardenas, you gonna love this new store!
Messenger Albertos